Japanese Rock Culture

Elvis Presley once said, “Rock and Roll Music, if you like it, if you feel it, you can’t help but move to it. That’s what happens to me. I can’t help it.”

Some people may stereotype rock music as noisy, angry and aggressive, but little did they know that rock music are products of creative souls. Even with the rage and mayhem misinterpreted by some, rock music could calm our mood and make us happy because of the adrenaline-like effect on the drums and bass. The words were written from actual feelings and life happenings which makes them relatable to everybody. That is one of the reasons why J-Rock culture (Japanese Rock) is embraced in Japan, it’s even recognized worldwide. Even International rock scenes have recognized the appealing music, one particular band, B’z, a Japanese rock duo that has been in the music industry for over 30 years, was recognized and is the first Asian Band with handprints in RockWalk Hollywood. When one hears the innovate beats and peculiar musical styles of J-Rock, you could easily notice that it ensembles British and American influence. Have you heard of the Fuji Rock Festival? Its crowd is as large as Coachella. Over 200,000 people attend annually, not just locals, but foreign visitors as too. Rock Music has paved its way and became a prominent part of music, culture, and the lifestyle of the Japanese.

For the love of J-Rock

One of the favorite past times for Japanese locals is watching bands perform live in lounges and café. Many locals consider it as part of their rest routine after a long day at work. It’s also considered to be a “must-experience” for tourists who want to enjoy the nightlife, especially in Tokyo. There is a different feeling of seeing and listening to a rock band perform live, as compared to hearing a recorded soundtrack. The hard-pounding of the drum resonates with your heartbeat. The words are sung full of emotions digs deep into your soul. Most importantly, the thrill and the memories you create when singing along to the rhythm of your favorite songs with your family and friends.

One café in particular located in downtown Tokyo, J-Pop Café in Shibuya City, lets you experience this. Many choices of local bands with different sub-genres ranging from punk rock, glam rock, heavy metal, pop-punk, alternative rock, post-grunge could be heard in the café’s live musical performance. The cozy, wide, comfortable, Instagrammable interiors and astounding city views at night are a perfect idea for entertainment. Famous bands perform in J-Pop Cafè and could accommodate thousands of fans during the concert. Top songs of 2019 from famous local artists are often heard being played, New Generation by Uchikubi Gokumon Doukoukai, 2% by 10 Feet, Juice Up by Wanima, and many more.

The artistic self-indulgence of Japanese Rock bands has contributed much to the music industry and became one of the most sought after entertainment past-time in Japan. The musical standards and technical imagination brought about by J-Rock deserves its gained popularity and is worth sharing with the world. Rock music is most certainly not dead, most especially in Japan.