Jazz band The Defenders knocked J-Pop Café off its feet

Just a few days ago we did something different at the J-Pop Café. As you know, J-Pop is our thing and we rarely let a band playing any other genre play at our café, but somehow we felt like we had to make an exception. And what a success it was. We sincerely hope that this band will come back and wow the crowd again. Because we are certain that we will be hearing from them in the future. So stay on the lookout for The Defenders, here to defend jazz music.

Golden oldies and original material

When it comes to jazz, the way to win over the crowd is usually with golden oldies that everyone can recognize. And The Defenders understood that like nobody else. They started out with a few songs by Miles Davis, So what and All blues. For everyone who wasn’t on board yet, they continued with Take Five by The Dave Brubeck Quartet and Ain’t misbehaving by Fats Waller. By the time they were done with these songs, they had every visitor in their pocket. The time came to play their own songs. Especially What have you done for me lately and Copacabana Nights were a big success. They have surely gained a few fans that night.

Zakaza Tora
The sensual lead singer from The Defenders looks like an Asian Aaliyah. Very talented and with a modest edge to her. It should be no surprise that all the men in the café were at her feet. But she didn’t always live like this. She grew up in an orphanage where her only outlet was singing. Her hopes of one day singing well enough to maybe become famous and find her birth parents was what got her through this rough period in life. When she became an adult she managed to make a living out of singing, but still hasn`t found her parents. So let’s help her and make The Defenders big.

Toyoda and Tsujii Shimei

Brothers Toyoda and Tsujii and responsible for the sax and the trumpet. They are actually the ones that started the band. As young boys, their parents always used to love jazz music. Which is why they grew up with it. When they moved across the country to study, they missed their parents so much. During these times they didn’t have enough money to travel back home. All that could remind them of home was jazz music. One day they decided it was time to start creating their own music. After all, they had been playing in high school and college bands for years. So soon enough The Defenders were born. Now all they needed was a lead singer. And believe it or not they found her at a bus station. She was singing as she was waiting for the bus. A bit like Shola Ama who had a big hit with You might need somebody. Luckily for them Zakaza accepted and they have been inseparable since.

If you want to see them

The Defenders were so successful when they performed that we have been getting several requests from visitors who want to see them again. It’s been so hectic actually, that we need to ask you to reserve a place if you want to see them. Just to be sure that you get a chance, because we might just be sold out on that day. It would be a pity if you would miss out, because this band will definitely go places with their success. Maybe even oversees as well.