More space at the J-Pop Café

For all you J-Pop lovers we have some great news. Our renovations are finally completed and this weekend we will reveal the new space behind the main bar. This gives room to an extra 40 guests of which 20 VIP´s. Half of the new space consists of a VIP room. This part is a bit more spacious, but the other part is quite comfortable as well. That’s why we like to call it the AIP room, which stands for Also Important People. Because as you know, every visitor at the J-Pop Café is as important as the next.

Popular bands

It was about time that we expanded. We have been getting more and more live bands to play at our café. This not only called for a bigger stage for them to play on, but also for a huge increase in audiences. We can definitely see which bands are popular, like The Defenders and Ysplotion, and which aren´t. Luckily, we`ve had a pretty good eye so far and the fans keep coming back for more fun nights and new bands to discover. So stay tuned for our upcoming schedule and you’ll never have to miss a thing.

Birthdays and other celebrations

As our café is getting more popular, it´s normal that we get new kinds of requests. These include birthdays, bachelorette party’s and more celebrations of that kind. We’ve even had a divorce party once. To provide the party guests with some privacy, we decided to build a VIP room. Before we were kind of against it, because our original idea was to just be a café where everybody feels welcome. Now we have become the victims of our own success and we can no longer avoid the need for a separate room. After all, a bachelorette does deserve her privacy, doesn´t she?

New drinks at J-Pop Café

Since we are expanding, we might as well expand our drink menu as well. This time we are importing drinks from Sweden. You are probably familiar with the Swedish vodka brand Absolut. This vodka, that comes in several flavours like Citron, Lime, Grapefruit, Raspberry and Mandarin has been a hit since we’ve started serving it. Now we believe the same will happen with the Älska ciders. Älska means love in Swedish, so the name is already a winner. So are the options because you can choose from Strawberry Lime, Nordic Berries, Kiwi Lime, Passion Fruit Apple and Lemon Ginger. We will start slowly by only serving these drinks in the new VIP room and if they prove to be a hit, they’ll soon be served throughout the entire café.

Club nights

With this new space we want to try out a new concept. This is a monthly club night during which we’ll hire a DJ to mix electronic music with our favourite J-Pop music. It´s the best of both worlds combined. During these club nights, we won´t work like the café that you are used to, but we will turn our premises into an actual night club. That is another moment when the VIP room comes in handy. During these nights, you can rent out the room to enjoy the night in a lavish way or just to have some privacy for you and your company. The room comes with 5 bottles of Moët and Chandon and unlimited sushi for the night, so your guests won’t feel hungry. However, as these nights are likely to be very popular, you should make a reservation soon. After all, we only have one VIP room. For now, at least.