Music and Gambling Correlated

It is believed that one of the most popular Egimono or “lucky charms” in Japan is a Daruma Doll. These are typified by the crane and tortoise and is widely used as a good luck charm in casinos. The Japanese believe in a series of routines that bring good luck and fortune in the casino. One of which includes the right kind of music.

This might sound odd to those who do not play in the casino, but this is a reliable fact. Studies conducted state that music heard while playing in the casino could affect the performance of a player. It may distract them or may brighten up their mood, depending on the genre, and of course their personal preference to songs.

The Best Music Genre for Casinos

Lounge Music, which was popularized between 1950 and 1960, is one genre of music considered to be easy on the ears for most players in a gambling house. It was meant to elicit the feeling of tranquility and peace to its listeners. It is music inspired by the sounds of nature — like what you hear when you’re on an island, beach, or a rainforest.

Lounge music is what you usually hear in hotel lobbies, restaurants, cafès, and casinos. Since it has a chill and peaceful ambiance, the subtle accents are believed to improve focus and concentration for casino players.

Good music also means the tendency of singing along with the song, but that does not go too well in a game of poker. When a poker player sings or hums, other players will take this as a sign of confidence and that the singing player has possible winning cards. Singing is one way of giving out verbal cues to other players, which is a rookie mistake in a game of poker.

Lounge Music in Japanese Casinos

Lounge Music is mostly influenced by a combination of different genres including Exotica, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Polynesian Music, Space Age Pop, and Shibuya-kei. Not surprisingly, Shibuya-kei is one of the inspirations of Lounge Music as it originated in the district of Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan. Here, a microgenre of pop music was born and grew to be the most popular genre of music heard in casinos all over Japan today.

If there is a preferred music genre in a casino, there are also the least choices. Among which are all types of Rock music. Loud and strong music is never played in the casino. The heavy guitar riffs, extreme vocal styles, and aggressive lyrics can be distracting to the players and might compromise their performance.

Music Genre Least Preferred for Casinos

It ironic to note that songs about hustling and making money are rarely played in casinos. These songs are usually from Hip Hop and Rap. Some examples are of top songs about making money are: For the Love of Money by The O’Jays (1973), If I had $1,000,000 by Barenaked Ladies, and I Get Money Straight to the Bank by 50 Cent (2007).

Fans of this genre might be missing out, and those who prefer this kind of genre would surely appreciate hearing them while playing in the casino. Though in Japan, Lounge Music or Shibuya-kei is the most played music in casinos.

We all have our preferences when it comes to music. Some might like Lounge Music, while others might not. Whether it brings good luck or the opposite, there is one definite fact: It is of utmost importance to create a good atmosphere in the casino by playing good music to keep clients coming back.