““Not only quality music, but also quality food.J-pop is our go-to destination for eating and having some good time! Our NetEnt crew has visited this place quite some time since our Tokyo tours have started and we started to love it. The food has diversity, and we also enjoy the music a lot! Having such a great place in Tokyo helps NetEnt community to visit more and more. Very satisfied with their friendly service and highly recommend them!”

–          Pamela Morris Williams
Head of Compliance, NetEnt

“J-pop Café has a quite VIP spot, and a not-so-quite Live Concert Hall. Loved the experience here!”

–           Henry Blodget
Author and CEO, Business Insider

“The VIP spot allows us to have important conversations with our company’s members. Then we love to enjoy Tokyo’s distinctive culture from the concert hall. Overall, the best place for corporate people to hang out!”

“Best place in Tokyo for a good cup of coffee and excellent music!”

–           Masami Yamamoto
Director, Senior Advisor of

“Love the environment! We wish the best from Mizuho Financial Group as we appreciated the service of J-pop.”