Downtown Tokyo is home to the best, most diverse music venues across the globe. Unlike other places and locations across the country, pop music in downtown Tokyo is not completely relegated or known in one particular area.

J-popcafe is the largest pop music style cafes in downtown Tokyo. The café began small but grew to become one of the most visited entertainment spots in Tokyo’s downtown area.

The great news is that this famous cafe is eyeing the launch of two new branches in Japan over the coming year, despite the ongoing competition in the Japanese market.

Asiancasinoclub, who sponsored j-pocafe’s first cafe back in 2010, is back with a great partnership with the cafe. Both parties are very confident in its future and decision of collaborating together. “Allot of good things are going to happen so stay tuned”, Says the the director of Asiancainoclub, adding that “ The upcoming cafe’s will look spectacular, and the use of innovative technology and friendly personal will make your experience even more special”.

The plan is to open two much larger cafes that offer an even better experience to its visitors. The first step is to find the perfect locations. “It is the location that is crucial in creating easy brand awareness and to be the strongest cafe in the area,” adding that this will make it easier to stand out from its competitors.

As you may know finding the right premises in particular areas in Japan is not an easy task. The reason for this is that we have high standards for the cafe. Most of the premises available are too small or either too expensive. Moreover, finding something in the city increases the rent as well which makes it really tough at the moment. However, we do have two great potential locations in mind so hopefully we can inform you more about this in a later stage of the process.

The new cafe’s may be a replica of the one located in downtown Tokyo, offering great drinks, food, and fantastic music! Explaining the approach of the cafe’s, the founder of j-popcafe explained, “since I was younger, I have been buzzed by the love and passion for music, food, and drinks. And that is what I am passionate about good vibes for everyone, no matter what. So this is exactly what you can expect.

For those who are wondering why we decided to partner up is because we have met years back and from day one Asiancasinoclub believed in our concept and ever since we were eager to work together. For those who do not know, Asiancasinoclub is an online platform that offers important information you should know before playing online casino games. Moreover, you can read some of เว็ปรีวิวคาสิโนออนไลน์ที่ดีที่สุดในเอเชีย. All the information provided on the website is reliable and trustworthy which trust me in this industry is highly important.

So again we are very pleased to announce partnership between J-popcafe and Asiancasinoclub. Our principal goal is to create two new spectacular branches that provide excellent customer service and the best experience possible. This partnership will surely help us enhance our business and hopefully also provide new opportunities for the future. There is no official opening date yet, but stay tuned, the moment we have any new updates we will keep you posted by releasing a new news article.